DMSE’s shared laboratory facilities include spaces and equipment for teaching, research, experimentation, and manufacturing and are available to the MIT community.
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The LEM includes a variety of prototyping and machining equipment for fabrication, sample preparation, and general machining needs.
Location: 4-131b, 4-043

MetLab contains MIT’s metallography facilities.

Furnaces and presses
Location: 13-5016

Location: 4-421

Tensile testing
Location: 8-241
Contact: Shaymus Hudson

Nanolab has equipment for imaging and testing mechanical and magnetic response at the nanoscale.
Location: 8-114
Contact: Alan Schwartzman

The SEM Lab has an environmental SEM, which permits materials to be imaged without conductive coatings and doesn’t require high-vacuum conditions.
Location: 4-141
Contact: Don Galler

The Thin Film Laboratory has a pulsed laser deposition system for film growth and a rapid thermal annealer.
Location: 8-140
Contact: Professor Caroline Ross