DMSE graduate students explore, collaborate, and excel in a convivial, rigorous learning environment. While exceptionally talented candidates are drawn to MIT and the department for its unsurpassed reputation, many cite the powerful sense of warmth, enthusiasm, and intellectual exuberance in DMSE as the deciding factor in their choice to enroll. After graduation, alumni drive advances that benefit people everywhere as scientists, educators, and professional leaders.

US News & World Report ranks DMSE the No. 1 graduate program in materials engineering.

Doctoral Degrees and Requirements

The doctoral program in DMSE provides an advanced educational experience that is versatile, intellectually challenging, and of enduring value for high-level materials science and engineering careers.

Master’s Degrees and Requirements

DMSE offers a rigorous master’s degree program that equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and applications of materials science, enabling them to make significant contributions in fields such as energy, nanotechnology, and advanced manufacturing.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

DMSE doctoral students can pursue three interdepartmental doctoral programs involving academic training and requirements outside the department, in archaeology, polymers and soft matter, and computational science and engineering. There’s also a master’s program in technology and policy.