The DMSE Breakerspace welcomes MIT undergraduates to explore the world of materials through hands-on experiences with introductory-level instruments. More than just a laboratory, it’s a dynamic hub for multidisciplinary learning, encouraging students to pursue their own questions. The Breakerspace also features a lounge for relaxing, socializing, and enjoying espresso—an inclusive space for academic exploration and leisure.

Hands-on Learning

Open to All Undergraduates

Regardless of your major or interests, Breakerspace welcomes all MIT undergraduates. Whether you’re a biologist, philosopher, or an economics major, satisfy your curiosity about the materials that make up the world—or just come in, make an espresso, and relax.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and Raman spectrometry allow you explore the composition, structure, and behavior of materials.

Get Trained in Minutes

User-friendly equipment ensures a low barrier to entry, making it easy for you to experiment and learn.

Question, explore, innovate in the Breakerspace

Get lounge access, learn about equipment and capabilities, sign up for training on instruments, and more.

Get involved today

Share Your Discoveries

Content Creation Tools

Capture your experiments with cameras, gimbals, microphones, and lighting. Document your findings and reflect the depth and excitement of what you uncover.

Social Media Amplification

Share your breakthroughs on social media, connecting with a broader community

Unwind and Socialize

Lounge Oasis

Talk about your findings in a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere. Relax in lounge chairs or pull up a chair at a communal table.

Café-Quality Roasting and Brewing

Have an espresso or americano from our state-of-the-art coffee equipment—or experiment with different roasting or brewing techniques.

About us

The DMSE Breakerspace is on one of MIT’s busiest thoroughfares—the Infinite Corridor. Grab a thing to analyze—a pill tablet, earphones, a battery—get trained on our equipment and explore materials.


  • 8-102