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Takian Fakhrul, Grad Student with the Ross Group, researching photonics

When Takian Fakhrul was a young girl, her father, then a graduate student in materials science at the University of Manchester, would bring her along to his lab. During these visits, she would peek at structures under the microscopes or watch him polish newly synthesized materials. And she just…   more

3.042 teaches prototyping, communication, and collaboration

From cobalt-free, high-entropy alloys to synthetic goose down, the Materials Project Laboratory taught by Michael Tarkanian offers students a chance to explore, and to learn to be OK with not having all the answers. All four of the student teams this semester assigned themselves steep…   more

New grant provided to Tara Fadenrecht

The 2018 Alumni Class Funds Review Committee has agreed to support Tara Fadenrecht's proposed project “Casting a New Tradition.” The Committee saw this class as a good way to integrate the material world with an appreciation of historical artistic expression. It also looked favorably on…   more

DMSE will join NEET in 2018

The beginning of academic year 2017 marked the start of a new program called the New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET) which provides interdepartmental courses for students interested in combining disciplines that may not have formalized crossovers available in the curriculum. 
…   more

2017 Fall Wulff Lecture

  Fantastic Feather: Form and Function When we think of birds, we think of feathers. Feathers give birds their color, from the bright red of a male Cardinal to the iridescent reds and greens of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. Feathers keep birds warm and dry: down…   more

School of Engineering awards for 2017

Lorna Gibson, the Matoula S. Salapatas Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and a professor of mechanical engineering, won the Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching, given to a faculty member whose contributions have been characterized by dedication, care, and creativity. Mary…   more

Solid-state learning

"For the second year in a row, Grossman, a professor of materials science and engineering, is offering his version of “Introduction to Solid State Chemistry” (or, as it’s referred to by students, 3.091, which is tossed off knowingly as “three-oh-nine-one”). The class, Grossman says, is his…   more

Advancing manufacturing innovation on campus and online

"MIT researchers and educators have been living up to the university motto of "mens et manus," mind and hand, with a rapidly expanding effort on advanced manufacturing innovation. Several of MIT’s latest efforts in manufacturing research, education, workforce training, and policy are highlighted…   more

Have we built a better engineer yet?

Senior Lecturer Mike Tarkanian talked with GrabCAD about engineering education. "He gave us his take on how today’s students are different than those in years past, and how digital mastery is helping some compensate for lack of hands-on experience. And he shared his thoughts on why we may…   more

DUE Education Talk Series: W Craig Carter

On Wednesday, September 28, the DUE Education Talk Series presents Prof. W Craig Carter and Dr. Kyle Keane, who will be discussing their collaborative effort to build a…   more

Teaching Staff News

The Teaching Staff roster is undergoing a few changes this summer. First, we are sad to announce the departure of Ike Feitler, Teaching Instructor and Lab Manager since 2012. He will be missed, but we know he will continue to excel in his future endeavors. Replacing Ike for the…   more

Research and Education Initiatives, 2015-16

Here's a quick video update on research and education initiatives from DMSE. Professor Chiang offers his perspective on energy research, Professor Gibson describes DMSE's online educational offerings, Professor Fitzgerald explains DMSE's international collaboration with universities in…   more

Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Part 1: Linear Elastic Behavior

All around us, engineers are creating materials whose properties are exactly tailored to their purpose. 3.032.1x:  Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Part 1: Linear Elastic Behavior will be offered on the edX platform, starting in September.  This course, taught by Professor Lorna Gibson, is the…   more

Renovation of the Materials Processing Lab and the Ceramics and Glass Lab

“Technology and innovation” at MIT bring to mind nanoscale and computational research in energy and medicine, software development, on-line teaching, and many other novel concepts that are very small or even invisible to the human eye. But they also represent inventions and creations that are at…   more

3.15x starts April 8

Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Materials and Devices In 3.15x we will explore the electrical, optical, and magnetic properties of materials and learn how electronic devices are designed to exploit these properties. About this Course This course…   more

3.086x Innovation and Commercialization, MITx offering, enrollment is open

This MITx class on Innovation and Commercialization is taught by distinguished practicing innovators who debunk the concept of innovation as a linear process, from research to development to product in the market but instead present a simple model for understanding it as a highly iterative…   more

3.042 Presentations, May 14

  Please join us for 3.042 Final Presentations, Tuesday, May 14, Chipman Room 6-104, 2:00. 3.042 is “Materials Project Laboratory” — the capstone design class for Course 3 juniors and seniors. …   more

New undergraduate subject, 3.038

Sustainable Chemical Metallurgy, 3.038, is a new Course 3 undergraduate restricted elective to be offered  (Spring 2013).  From earth to metal, a path toward sustainability? Metals are the core of our civilization and are revenue source among materials. However, they also rank #1 in terms…   more

3.091 to be offered as part of MITx

This spring, MIT launched an online learning collaboration, edX, that will allow anyone, anywhere with an internet connection to take classes aimed at a college audience, for personal or professional advancement or for a certificate of completion. A version of 3.091 will be available through…   more