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MITEI 2014 Seed Fund Awards Announced

The MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) has announced its latest round of seed grants to support early-stage innovative energy projects. A total of more than $1.6 million was awarded to 11 projects, each lasting up to two years. With this latest round, the MITEI Seed Fund Program has supported 129…   more

Deshpande Center Announces Awards

The Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation has announced its Fall 2013 research grants. $949,764 will be awarded to a dozen MIT teams working on early-stage technology in areas including cancer treatment, water desalination, and multi-material fabrication. The full announcement and…   more

Research Spotlight: Caroline Ross

Our friends in MPC have profiled Professor Ross and her work on new techniques for combining complex oxide thin films promise electrical control of magnetic properties for data storage and computing. See the…   more

New discoveries in magnetic thin films

A magnetic phenomenon newly discovered by MIT researchers could lead to much faster, denser, and more energy-efficient chips for memory and computation. See the…   more

An electrical switch for magnetism

Researchers at MIT have developed a new way of controlling the motion of magnetic domains — the key technology in magnetic memory systems, such as a computer’s hard disk. The new approach requires little power to write and no power to maintain the stored information, and could lead to a new…   more

New observations of semiconductor properties

A significant controversy surrounds the reason for the high-intensity light output from a leading LED semiconductor material, indium gallium nitride (InGaN): Researchers have been split on whether or not indium-rich clusters form within the material and provide the LED’s remarkable efficiency.…   more

Cleaner, Cheaper Steel Production

Steelmaking, a major emitter of climate-altering gases, could be transformed by a new process developed by Professors Sadoway and Allanore.  See the News Office for the full story. …   more

Materials Genome Project continues to grow

In 2006, Professor Gerd Ceder began the Materials Genome Project— which is now has tens of thousands of compounds in a database used by more than 3000 researchers. See the…   more

Science of Innovation: 3-D Printing

NBC visited MIT to film demonstrations of 3-D Printing and interview Professor Michael Cima. Many members of the DMSE community were involved in the development of 3-D Printing: faculty, students, staff, alums — it's a technology with wide applications! …   more

Research on cracks and stresses

Probing the mysteries of cracks and stresses; analysis of molecular-level fracture and stress mechanisms could have broad implications for understanding materials’ behavior. See the MIT…   more

Oscillating magnetic particles

Oscillating microscopic beads could be key to biolab on a chip. Professor Geoff Beach and his team finds way to manipulate and measure magnetic particles without contact, potentially enabling multiple medical tests on a tiny device. See the full story from the…   more