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2020 Kavanaugh Fellows Competition is open

The Kavanaugh Fellowship provides support to technical scholars to broaden their skills in support of commercial translation and entrepreneurship. Aimed at graduate students and postdocs already expert in materials-based technology, the fellowship provides unencumbered time and mentoring as they prepare to launch new innovations in the marketplace.  

Alloy Design Workshop

The Alloy Design Workshop is an annual event held on the last day of the fall MRS Meeting, as an opportunity for the MIT community and the materials community as a whole to congregate in an intimate setting to present and discuss new, unpublished research.  

Broadening materials science outreach

Regional employers are coping with too few qualified candidates for materials science-related jobs, MIT Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering …  

MADMEC Proposal Deadline

The 2017 MADMEC Proposal Deadline is May 31, 2017. You and your team can apply on the MADMEC website at …  

DMSE Faculty Positions Available

DEPARTMENT:    Department of Materials Science and Engineering POSITION:        Faculty Position  JOB DESCRIPTION AND MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
Department of Materials…

MADMEC Finals will be held on October 11, 2016

Materials science can provide solutions for energy storage, building efficiency, transportation, and many other critical needs in today's society. MADMEC invites student teams to develop and build prototypes that address these and more challenges. Come to 6-…  

Learn with the libraries this July!

Hands-on workshops, software training, and more Develop new skills this July in a series of classes at MIT Libraries. From instruction in GIS and data management software to talks exploring business resources and best practices for handling confidential information, the…