News: Nanotechnology

Chemical Sensing on a Chip

Anuradha Agarwal is working with Lionel Kimerling and Juejun Hu of MIT's DMSE in the pursuit of shrinking and advancing sensory technology.  …   more

Strain can alter materials’ properties

New field of "strain engineering" could open up areas of materials research with many potential applications, according to new research from Professor Ju Li and his colleague Professor Bilge Yildiz in MIT's Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. See the…   more

Nanowires and Nanotubes

Professor Silvija Gradečak and her colleagues are finding new uses for nanubes and nanowires, including use in energy, electronics, optics, and other fields.  See the…   more

A new twist on nanowires

Professor Silvija Gradečak and her team have found a way to control the width and composition of nanowires. Learn more from the MIT News Office or read their paper in…   more

Using Nanotubes in Computer Chips

Researchers in the lab of MIT materials science professor Carl V. Thompson grew dense forests of crystalline carbon nanotubes on a metal surface at temperatures close to those characteristic of computer chip manufacturing. Unlike previous attempts to do the same thing, the researchers' technique…   more