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Current-induced switching in a magnetic insulator

Nature Magazine published a paper written by Prof. Geoffrey Beach and his collaborator Prof. Caroline Ross who have shown that a pure spin current can be injected into in an electrically insulating material, and be used to switch its magnetization direction. This is striking because, in…   more

Solid-state learning

"For the second year in a row, Grossman, a professor of materials science and engineering, is offering his version of “Introduction to Solid State Chemistry” (or, as it’s referred to by students, 3.091, which is tossed off knowingly as “three-oh-nine-one”). The class, Grossman says, is his…   more

Professor Lorna Gibson receives Ellen Swallow Richards award from TMS

The 2017 TMS Ellen Swallow Richards Diversity Award will be presented to Professor Lorna Gibson at a conference this coming spring. This award recognizes an individual who, in the remarkable pioneering spirit of Ellen Swallow Richards, has helped or inspired others to overcome personal,…   more

Materials Day Recap

Our friends at the Materials Processing Center recently held their annual Materials Day event. As part of the day of events, several DMSE faculty participated in a series of talks about battery challenges. The day also included a Poster Session contest. The winners of the contest were Ping-Chun…   more

Jennifer Rupp joins DMSE in January, 2017

Professor Jennifer Rupp will start as Assistant Professor in January 2017. She is a French and German native and currently an Assistant Professor of Electrochemical Materials at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She studied at the University of Vienna before receiving a Ph.D. in Materials at ETG Zurich…   more

What We’re Doing Wrong in the Search for Better Batteries

"If the world is going to get off of fossil fuels, we’re going to need batteries—big batteries, and lots of them, to smooth out intermittent power sources like wind and solar. But we aren’t doing nearly enough to develop the technologies that will allow us to build the cheap, grid-scale storage…   more

Fighting cancer with the power of immunity

Professor Darrell Irvine was a senior author alongside Dane Wittrup for a study published to the online edition of Nature Medicine on Oct. 24.  "Harnessing the body’s own immune system to destroy tumors is a tantalizing prospect that has yet to realize its full potential. However…   more

Yet-Ming Chiang to speak at Da Vinci lecture

On Friday, October 28, Professor Yet-Ming Chiang will be giving a Leonardo Da Vinci lecture titled From Lab Bench to Marketplace: Commercializing Materials Technologies. The Leonardo Da Vinci lecture, which occurs during a dinner meeting, is hosted by Tau Beta Pi. "MIT faculty members and…   more

Don Sadoway talking about lithium batteries with On Point NPR

Don Sadoway was recently invited to speak with NPR's On Point about lithium batteries.  "When it comes to smartphone batteries, most of us just want them smaller and stronger. Then Samsung’s phone batteries start bursting into flame and get our attention. Lithium batteries – like those in…   more

Prof Macfarlane Awarded AFOSR Grant

Congratulations to Professor Rob Macfarlane for being awarded an AFOSR Grant!  "The Air Force Office of Scientific Research today announced that it will award approximately $20.8 million in grants to 58 scientists and engineers from 41 research institutions and small businesses who…   more

New kind of supercapacitor made without carbon

Professor Yang Shao-Horn co-authored a paper recently published by Nature Materials regarding supercapacitors that do not rely on carbon. This story was also featured on the MIT Home Page!  "Energy storage devices called supercapacitors have become a hot area of research, in part…   more

Water vapor sets some oxides aflutter

A research paper written by Professor Yang Shao-Horn and DMSE Alumnus Binghong Han describing new-found interactions between perovskites, water vapor, and streams of electrons, was recently published by Nature Materials. "When one type of an oxide structure called perovskite is…   more

Programming Material Structure

Our friends at the Materials Processing Center recently featured a profile of DMSE Professor Rob Macfarlane. Professor Macfarlane constructs nanoparticle-based crystals by programming interactions of synthetic polymers and biopolymers at the molecular level. …   more

Nanosensors could help determine tumors’ ability to remodel tissue

A story from MIT News about research from Prof. Polina Anikeeva was recently featured on MIT's homepage.  "MIT researchers have designed nanosensors that can profile tumors and may yield insight into how they will respond to certain therapies. The system is based on levels of enzymes…   more

Have we built a better engineer yet?

Senior Lecturer Mike Tarkanian talked with GrabCAD about engineering education. "He gave us his take on how today’s students are different than those in years past, and how digital mastery is helping some compensate for lack of hands-on experience. And he shared his thoughts on why we may…   more

DUE Education Talk Series: W Craig Carter

On Wednesday, September 28, the DUE Education Talk Series presents Prof. W Craig Carter and Dr. Kyle Keane, who will be discussing their collaborative effort to build a…   more

MIT News Profile: Alfredo Alexander-Katz

Professor Alfredo Alexander-Katz was recently profiled by MIT News and featured on the MIT homepage! You can read a little about his path to MIT, as well as his past and current research by checking out the MIT News…   more

New Smelting Method Developed by Prof Don Sadoway

Professor Donald Sadoway and a team of researchers intended to create a new type of battery, but what they did instead was discover a new method of smelting certain metals without releasing any greenhouse gas emissions. This discovery could potentially lead to new ways of smelting other common…   more

Discovery could help treatments for sickle cell disease

DMSE's Ming Dao, along with Postdoc Peter T.C. So, co-authored a study regarding sickle cell disease and the hydroxyurea action. "Our findings shine a light on the mechanism behind hydroxyurea action, which has long been debated in the scientific…   more

Prof Anikeeva Comments on Bioelectronic Technology

Last night, Bloomberg asked professor Polina Anikeeva to comment on new technology related to bioelectronics and talk about how they fit into the medical world. This aired live August 1st around 7:10pm on Bloomberg TV.  …   more