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Klavs Jensen Selected as AIChE's Prausnitz Institute Lecturer for 2018

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) has named its John M. Prausnitz AIChE Institute Lecturer for 2018: Klavs F. Jensen, the Warren K. Lewis Professor of Chemical Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).…   more

MIT's 2018 Convocation

Yoel Fink spoke at the 2018 Convocation to welcome incoming first-year students at MIT. When Prof. Fink first arrived as a grad student from Jerusalem, where schools are typically fenced and gated, he was surprised at how open the campus is. He believes the openness is an important part…   more

Sadoway on The Future of Battery Storage and Renewable Energies

"Recently I had the chance to speak with one of those visionaries: A scientist who has spent an entire career working on (and inventing) grid-level renewable energy storage mechanisms. Professor Donald Sadoway is a current MIT professor, an inventor with over a dozen patents, and a 2012 TIME “…   more

Shao-Horn wins 2018 RSC Faraday Medal

Yang Shao-Horn is W.M. Keck Professor of Energy at MIT and the first female winner of this prestigious medal. Her research is centered on exploiting chemical/materials physics and physical/materials chemistry principles at interface and in bulk to design materials/processes and control the…   more

NORA extends program another 5 years

At a conference marking its 5-year anniversary, the North American Center for Research on Advanced Materials (NORA) recently announced a five-year extension of the collaboration, which Lorna Gibson has been instrumental in for her research on structural materials. "In recent years, the…   more

Soft Hardware Developed by Yoel Fink

The latest development in textiles and fibers is a kind of soft hardware that you can wear: cloth that has electronic devices built right into it. Researchers at MIT have now embedded high speed optoelectronic semiconductor devices, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and diode…   more

Cima part of team that developed new, more accurate neural implants

New technologies such as optogenetics have allowed us to identify similar microstructures in the brain. However, these techniques rely on liquid infusions into the brain, which prepare the regions to be studied to respond to light. These infusions are done with large needles, which do not have…   more

DMSE Faculty host summer undergraduate researchers

From simulating the physics of spinning magnetic particles to fabricating new materials for infrared chemical sensing, MIT Materials Research Laboratory summer researchers will challenge themselves to learn new skills and develop new scientific insights. A diverse group of top-performing…   more

Carl Thompson is profiled on MIT News

Carl Thompson, the Stavros Salapatas Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, is the co-director of the newly organized Materials Research Laboratory at MIT. MRL is the combination of MIT's long-established Materials Processing Center with the Center for Materials Science and Engineering…   more

Christine Ortiz receives 2018 J-WEL Grant

Christine Ortiz received a 2018 J-WEL grant for her project "Advancing Socially-Directed STEM Education" which will focus on the development of course materials for the MIT fall term class 3.087 Materials, Societal Impact, and Social Innovation. The materials will not only be applied within MIT…   more

Don Sadoway will Keynote The Battery Show 2018

The Battery Show, North America's largest advanced battery technology event, has announced that Don Sadoway will be one of the keynote speakers at the 2018 event, where he will discuss his groundbreaking work on the liquid metal battery. About Dr. Donald R. Sadoway:…   more

Cem Tasan Featured on School of Engineering YouTube Channel

Cem Tasan is a modern metallurgist who compares metallurgy to cooking--it requires the creation and discovery of recipes using different metals in order to obtain a final product with desirable properties. One property Prof. Tasan has been particularly fascinated with perfecting in his "cooking…   more

Elsa Olivetti Uses AI to Identify New Materials Fabrication

MIT researchers and their collaborators have demonstrated a novel system using artificial-intelligence techniques to help identify methods of fabricating materials, especially those that look promising in computer simulations. In one test, the system scanned half a million journal articles,…   more

3.042 teaches prototyping, communication, and collaboration

From cobalt-free, high-entropy alloys to synthetic goose down, the Materials Project Laboratory taught by Michael Tarkanian offers students a chance to explore, and to learn to be OK with not having all the answers. All four of the student teams this semester assigned themselves steep…   more

Revolutionizing everyday products with artificial intelligence

“Who is Bram Stoker?” Those three words demonstrated the amazing potential of artificial intelligence. It was the answer to a final question in a particularly memorable 2011 episode of Jeopardy!. The three competitors were former champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, and Watson, a…   more

How Native Civilizations Innovated to Conquer the Wilderness

Did Native Americans wear the world’s first sneakers? Not exactly. “We didn’t invent Chuck Taylors,” says Duane Blue Spruce, a museum project manager. “But we did invent the chemical processes” for making rubber. More than three millennia before Charles Goodyear …   more

2018 GMC Awards

During the 2018 GMC Awards, Alfredo Alexander-Kats won Best Advisor and Niels Holten-Andersen won Best Teacher. Congratulations to both of them!     more

2018 Ross Coffin Purdy Award

Ross Coffin Purdy, in whose honor this award is given, served The American Ceramic Society for 24 years as General Secretary and Editor of its publications. He was the recipient of many awards, a Fellow and Honorary Life Member, and President of the Society. Mr. Purdy was noted for his dynamic…   more