News: Energy

3D Solar Panels to Harvest Steadier Amounts of Sunlight

Using a computer program that allows shapes to evolve over time, Jeffrey Grossman and students tested many thousands of shapes to see which would be most efficient at generating electricity. 
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Viruses harnessed to split water

MIT team, led by Prof. Angela Belcher, develops a biologically-based system that taps the power of sunlight directly, with the aim of turning water into hydrogen fuel. Learn more from the MIT News Office.…   more

Prof. Yang Shao-Horn works on metal catalysts

A team of researchers at MIT has made significant progress on a technology that could lead to batteries with up to three times the energy density of any battery that currently exists. In a paper    more

Prof. Sadoway to receive ARPA-E funding

The Department of Energy has announced awards for developing clean energy technologies. Among the recipients is Prof. Don Sadoway whose group has developed a liquid battery that allows for faster charging and discharging.
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Prof. Shao-Horn and group give fuel cells a boost

Prof. Yang Shao-Horn and other MIT researchers have discovered that creating tiny steps to electrode surfaces can double the efficiency of the emissions-free electricity sources. For the full story, see the MIT…   more

Prof. Don Sadoway receives Deshpande Center funding

The Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation at MIT announced it is awarding $700,000 in grants to nine MIT research teams working on early-stage discoveries. These projects have the potential to make a significant impact on our quality of life by revolutionizing disease therapies, allergy…   more

MIT Energy Initiative Seed Grants Announced

The MIT Energy Initiative's second round of seed grants for energy research, announced this week, will go toward a wide array of research topics ranging from micro-hydropower and solar-thermal power projects for developing countries, to the development of novel materials for insulation or for…   more