News: Energy

Thinner solar panels?

Until now, solar cell improvements have been in more efficient energy conversion or lowered …   more

Observing real-time charging of lithium-air batteries

A team of researchers including Professor Carl Thompson, Professor Yang Shao-Horn, and Robert Mitchell PhD have used transmission electron microscope imaging to reveal what happens during chariung of lithium-air batteries. Their findings couldleadto improved batteries for electric cars.  See the…   more

Solar-cell design using nano wires

Professor Silvija Gradečak is part of a team of MIT researchers who are working to improve efficiency of quantum-dot photovoltaic system by adding a forest of nanowires. Learn more from the    more

Flexible, light solar cells could provide new opportunities

MIT researchers have produced a new kind of photovoltaic cell based on sheets of flexible graphene coated with a layer of nanowires. The approach could lead to low-cost, transparent and flexible solar cells that could be deployed on windows, roofs or other surfaces. Learn more from the…   more

Research in lithium-air batteries

New research from Professor Yang Shao-Horn reveals the fundamental reactions behind advanced battery technology, by advanced imaging method, and could lead to improved materials. See the full story at the…   more

3D Solar Cell Arrays

Innovative 3-D designs from Professor Jeff Grossman's team can more than double the solar power generated from a given area. See the MIT News Office for the full story. …   more

Prof. Sadoway's TED talk posted

At the TED conference last month, Professor Sadoway spoke about his work on large-scale energy storage systems. “If we're going to get this country out of its current energy situation, we can't just conserve our way out. We can't just drill our way out. We can't bomb our way out. We're…   more

Professor Sadoway at TED2012

On February 29, Professor Don Sadoway spoke about his work with liquid-metal batteries.  See the TED2012 blog post; a link to the talk will be added when it's posted.  Updated…   more

Revealing how a battery material works

The MIT News Office has reported on an MIT team that has discovered why the hottest new material for rechargeable batteries works so well.  Dan Cogswell, DMSE alum, is one of the authors.  See the News…   more

Prof. Li straddles nuclear engineering and materials science

Newly appointed Battelle Energy Alliance Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Ju Li applies his groundbreaking research into atomic-scale materials behavior to a broad range of challenges, including energy storage, waste management and…   more

MIT battery breakthrough

Professor Yang Shao-Horn and colleagues recently revealed an energy storage breakthrough that could one day make batteries more commercially competitive with gasoline. Learn more from…   more

New analysis of common battery cathodes

Prof. Ceder and his collaborators have developed a new understanding of a high-performing cathode compound, which could facilitate rapid evaluation of improved alternatives. Learn more from the MIT News…   more

New ways to store solar energy

A novel application of carbon nanotubes, developed by Prof. Jeff Grossman and his group, shows promise as an innovative approach to storing solar energy for use whenever it’s needed. Learn more from the …   more

New advances in battery design

MIT researchers have developed a new technique to recharge batteries more quickly, using an innovative architecture called a semi-solid flow cell, in which solid particles are suspended in a carrier liquid and pumped through the system. This research comes from work performed by Professors Craig…   more