News: Biomaterials

Artificial muscles made from contracting fibers

MIT researchers, including professors Polina Anikeeva, Yoel Fink, and Cem Tasan, have developed a new fiber-based system that could be used as artificial muscles for robots, prosthetic limbs, or other mechanical and biomedical applications.  

Study reveals why polymer stents failed

MIT Researchers in DMSE and the Institute for Medical Engineering have discovered why biodegradable polymer stents failed over time, hoping to eventually design and evaluate polymer stents more effectively. Jeff Grossman is among several MIT-based authors in a paper that appears in the   

The best way of looking at the brain is from within

Members of Polina Anikeeva’s lab are trying to build devices that match the physical properties of neural tissue. “It is problematic to have something with the elastic properties of a knife inside something with the elastic properties of a chocolate pudding.” …  

Materials Day Symposium 2017

Hosted annually by our friends at MPC, Materials Day includes a topical symposium followed by a student poster session. This year the symposium will be broad in scope and will involve primarily speakers from MIT. The theme will be Frontiers in Materials Research. Presentations will be given by speakers who represent MIT’s new generation of leaders in material research.  

Tiny fibers open new windows into the brain

"For the first time ever, a single flexible fiber no bigger than a human hair has successfully delivered a combination of optical, electrical, and chemical signals back and forth into the brain, putting into practice an idea first proposed two years ago. With some tweaking to further improve its…  

Manufacturing USA Announces new Institute

Please join us in congratulating Professor Krystyn Van Vliet who will be working with the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL). NIIMBL, the newest Manufacturing USA Institute, will be headquartered at the University of Delaware, with academic partners at…  

Armor plating with built-in transparent ceramic eyes

Tiny sea creatures feature transparent optical systems as tough as their shells. Usually, it’s a tradeoff: If you want maximum physical protection, whether from biting predators or exploding artillery shells, that generally compromises your ability to see. But sea-dwelling creatures…  

Studying bamboo structure

Professor Lorna Gibson and her colleagues study bamboo for engineered building material, similar to plywood. See the News Office for the full story. …  

Physics of Living Systems Group

A common set of ideas and approaches brought together a trio of MIT professors and their research teams to form the Physics of Living Systems group, which opened a new lab and offices mid-April at 400 Technology Square, sixth floor. The group co-located at 400 Technology Square includes…  

Lunch and Lecture, April 14, Prof. Darrell Irvine

Combining cell therapy and nanoparticle drug delivery: Chemical cell surface engineering on live cells using nanoparticles
Darrell J. Irvine, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering & Biological Engineering
Wednesday, April 14

Prof. Irvine profiled in Spectrum

Spectrum, a magazine from the MIT Office of Resource Development, profiled Prof. Darrell J. Irvine and his work on new materials that help the immune system fight disease.