Bilge Yildiz awarded the Faraday Medal for electrochemistry

Yildiz honored for groundbreaking work in electrochemistry, advancing fuel cells, electrolyzers, and brain-inspired computer devices.

Professor Bilge Yildiz has been chosen as the 2024 recipient of the Faraday Medal by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The Breene M. Kerr (1951) Professor in the Departments of Nuclear Science and Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, Yildiz focuses on the fundamentals of electrochemistry, studying the chemical reactions that use or produce electricity in materials that conduct ions.
Her laboratory’s projects include developing more efficient fuel cells, which turn hydrogen and oxygen into electricity; electrolyzers, which use electricity to produce hydrogen and oxygen; and computer processors inspired by human intelligence.
The Faraday Medal, awarded annually by the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Electrochemistry Group, recognizes outstanding contributions and innovation in electrochemistry. Yildiz will receive the medal at an award ceremony in September in Manchester, England.