Professor Thomas J. Wallin’s research focuses on advancing soft wearable devices, with an emphasis on their applications in human-computer interaction. His group combines materials, chemistry, advanced manufacturing, and mechanical design to develop new technologies, aiming to enhance the complexity and functionality of soft machines.
Professor Wallin also has extensive expertise in additive manufacturing. He has explored the use of soft materials in 3D-printed devices, such as actuators and “automatically perspiring soft robots” that use sweat as a cooling mechanism.


Professor Wallin earned a BS in physics and chemistry from The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, in 2010, and an MS and PhD in materials science and engineering from Cornell University in 2018. Before starting at MIT, he was a research scientist in soft wearable technologies at Meta’s Reality Labs Research, which focuses on immersive technologies.

Awards & Honors

Commercialization Fellow, Cornell University
IGERT Fellow in Magnetic and Nanostructured Materials, National Science Foundation
Honors Fellow, Charles Center, College of William and Mary