David C. Bono

Research Scientist/Instructor

Contact Info

Office Phone: 617-452-3330
Email: dbono@mit.edu
Office: 8-111


David C. Bono provides technical support for many research groups in DMSE and runs the Undergraduate Teaching Lab. An expert in electronic system design, Bono has developed bomb-sniffing electronics for use by the Transportation Security Administration, hybrid sonar and magnetic field sensors for the Navy, Kerr-effect and Faraday-effect magnetometers for magneto-optical materials development at MIT, and X-ray detector electronics for use with scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive spectroscopy. He has also designed a transcranial brain stimulator system for the treatment of neurological disorders and electronics for a sleep therapy machine that uses electroencephalogram brain wave signals with bio feedback to promote deep sleep states.

Bono earned a BS in engineering in 1974 from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He is an expert in precision analog instrumentation. He started his career in professional audio at recording equipment company dbx building ultra-low distortion test oscillators, low-noise logarithmic programmable gain amplifiers, and low-distortion audio power amplifiers. He has worked as a design engineer at MicroBit Corporation and then Control Data Corporation in electron beam memory, which evolved into electron beam lithography. While at Control Data he patented a novel unipotential lens assembly for charged particle beam tubes. In 1982 he co-founded Digital Measurement Systems to build computer-controlled vibrating-sample magnetometers. Bono’s hobbies include singing in an a capella early-music chorus and playing the piano.