Brian Neltner

Technical Instructor

Primary Impact, Materials, Research Type

Contact Info

Office Phone: 617-452-3330
Office: 8-111


Brian Neltner assists David Bono in the Undergraduate Teaching Lab, teaches undergraduate labs, measurement science, and helps design and build custom experimental apparatuses. Neltner received BAs in physics and materials science from MIT and did his PhD work in Professor Angela Belcher’s group studying biotemplated catalysts for chemical production. Neltner was subsequently a postdoc in chemical engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, developed batteries at Ambri; ran a startup, Navolta, developing conductive paste formulations using supercritical carbon-dioxide reactors; and developed new biochemical processes for producing sustainable plastics at biotechnology company Visolis. Neltner enjoys developing LED artwork outside of work and has a gallery in Somerville, Massachusetts. For many years Neltner was the instructor for the MIT Shotokan Karate club and enjoys singing and playing harmonica.