Andreas Wankerl


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Andreas Wankerl co-teaches the joint undergraduate/graduate MIT course 3.086/3.207 (Innovation and Commercialization of Materials Technology).  Together with DMSE’s Professor Eugene Fitzgerald, he co-created the iterative innovation process model, which captures the complex human process of innovation and facilitates its implementation. The pair co-authored the book Inside Real Innovation and have evolved implementation of the iterative innovation process through research and industry projects across the world.
Wankerl has taught the iterative innovation process during teaching engagements in Singapore and Mexico. As founder of a company focused on the innovation process, he has worked with large corporations worldwide to establish continuity from innovation talent development over innovation process implementation to corporate innovation governance. Over the years, Wankerl’s innovation work has led to the development of tools and methods now employed in teaching, industry, and the guidance of large-scale research projects within the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology.
Wankerl earned his BS in electrical engineering at Cornell University in 1996 and his PhD in 2001. After working in the semiconductor industry, he returned to Cornell to earn his MBA in 2005.