Email Lists

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) maintains a number of email lists for the purpose of disseminating information to members of our community.

The current DMSE email lists are:

  • dmse-professors (Professors only)
  • dmse-faculty (Lecturers, Senior Research Staff, Visiting Professors, and the dmse-professors list all receive emails sent to this list)
  • dmse-supportstaff (Support staff of the department)
  • dmse-staff (Administrative staff of the department)
  • dmse-research (Research staff of the department)
  • dmse-postdocs (Postdoctoral fellows working in the department, regardless of appointment)
  • dmse-visitor (Visiting scientists/professors/researchers)
  • sums (Society of Undergraduate Materials Students)
  • lists dedicated to DMSE Graduate Students events, information, etc.

The sums and graduate student lists are administered by the DMSE Academic Office. Contact DMSE-listadmin to ask to be added to any of the other DMSE email lists.

Message Guidelines

These guidelines for posting messages to Department email lists have been drafted to provide guidance so that the information disseminated in this manner is most useful to all of us.

  • Postings should be limited to topics that are directly related to the work of those receiving the messages. In general, postings are of a one-time nature, and ongoing discussions should be moved to a small list of interested individuals.
  • When posting a message, please write a clear and specific subject line so that recipients can read or delete messages according to their relevance.
  • Please be sensitive to others in the environment to avoid sending email that may make some members of our community feel uncomfortable.

Thank you for your consideration in adhering to these guidelines.