Professor Aristide Gumyusenge’s research background and interests are in semiconducting polymers, their processing and characterization, and their role in the future of electronics. Particularly, he has tackled long-standing challenges in operation stability of semiconducting polymers under extreme heat and has pioneered high-temperature plastic electronics. At MIT, Professor Gumyusenge’s research group, OMSE Lab, focuses on developing novel organic semiconducting materials and using them to build organic electronic devices and body-machine interfaces. Through polymer design, novel processing strategies, large-area manufacturing of electronic devices, he’s interested in relating molecular design to device performance, especially transistor devices that can mimic and interface with biological systems.


Professor Gumyusenge received a BS in chemistry from Wofford College in 2015 and a PhD in chemistry from Purdue University. Before joining DMSE, he was a postdoctoral fellow of the Geballe Lab for Advanced Materials at Stanford University, working with Professor Zhenan Bao and Professor Alberto Salleo.

Key Publications

Molecularly hybridized conduction in DPP-based donor–acceptor copolymers toward high-performance iono-electronics

Synthesized a new category of polymers that can be used to produce more long-lasting and intelligent wearable devices. The materials efficiently convert ion-based signals from hydrated environments—for example, biological tissue—to electron-based signals that can easily be read through devices.

Today’s wearables are somewhat limited in their electronic performance because they waste a lot of energy sampling biological signals—like insulin from sweat, for example. We need to optimize wearables’ sampling efficiency without compromising electronic performance.

Wearables are becoming crucial in long-term health monitoring, so they need to be long-lasting, easy to manufacture at scale, and more seamlessly integrate with body functions.

Awards & Honors

Merton C. Flemings Assistant Professorship, MIT
PMSE Future Faculty Fellow, Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering, American Chemical Society
GLAM Postdoctoral Fellowship, Stanford University
Herbert C. Brown Graduate Student Research Award, Purdue University
Graduate Student Gold Award, Materials Research Society