August 7, 2023

Thesis Defense: Fan Yang

Multi-functional flat optics for imaging and sensing
1:00pm - 2:00pm


Multi-functional flat optics for imaging and sensing  


Flat optics refer to optical devices composed of ultra-thin and light-weight planar optical components, which manipulate light in ways that are not possible using conventional bulky optics. Multiple applications including imaging, beam steering, sensing, and projection can be performed through a single layer flat lens, which facilitates the integration between optical and electronic components. Through the arbitrary manipulation of wavefront, flat optics feature improved optical performance and customized functionality.
In this thesis, we focus on the design and optimization of single or multi-layer metasurfaces to construct flat optical components for imaging and sensing applications. We propose a variety of device configurations, analytical analysis, material choices, and prove the effectiveness of the concepts through experimental demonstrations.

Thesis Advisor

Juejun Hu, John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, MIT