February 2, 2024


See materials science innovation at MADMEC, a contest for teams to develop technologies that address sustainability problems. Entries are carbon-neutral polymer production, biodegradable tattoos for T-shirts, and water quality monitoring by microbial fuel cells. Ice cream to follow in 6-104 (Chipman Room).
1:00pm - 2:00pm

See materials science innovation in action at MADMEC, a contest for teams to develop technologies that address sustainability problems.

Three teams will present projects, vying for cash prizes

  • Team: Alkalyne
    Members: Zachary Adams, Ethan Brenderly-Kremen, Christopher Mallia 
    Project title: “Carbon neutral polymer production via a pyrometallurgical pathway”
  • Team: Me-Shirts!
    Members: Chris Eschler, Eric Lee, Jack van Sambeek, Isabella Caruso, Allison Kaczmarek
    Project title: Biodegradable “temporary tattoos” for T-shirts 
  • Team: Microbeco
    Members: Daniel Tong and Daniela Vallejo
    Project title: Continuous Water Quality Monitoring by Microbial Fuel Cells

Ice cream and poster presentations to follow in 6-104 (The Chipman Room).


MADMEC is a team-based contest that challenges students to design and execute materials prototypes to solve sustainability problems. This include solutions for habitat, climate justice, and environmental equity. Past projects have addressed energy storage, building efficiency, transportation, and many other critical needs in our society.

MADMEC teams have gone on to win the MassChallenge, the MIT 100K, the Clean Energy Prize, the Intel Make it Wearable competition, and several NSF-SBIR grants. At least six startups have their roots in the competition.

Although MADMEC is aimed at students in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering graduate and undergraduate students, MIT students from other departments are welcome. If your innovative idea needs materials scientists to bring it to life, consider forming a team and participating in the contest.

For more on MADMEC, visit https://madmec.mit.edu/home.