January 26, 2024

IAP Special Lecture: In Pursuit of the Perfect Blade

Bob Kramer, Master Bladesmith
1:30pm - 2:30pm


Bob Kramer, Master Bladesmith


Renowned bladesmith Bob Kramer shares his journey in pursuit of crafting the perfect knife, encouraging others to “follow the breadcrumbs to your life’s passion.” In 1994, Kramer’s quest led him to bladesmith school, unlocking the art of forging knives from hot steel. Since then, he has become one of just 120 Master Bladesmiths in the United States, a credential afforded by the American Bladesmith Society. In his talk, Kramer will discuss how old-fashioned craftsmanship, artistry, and modern technology converge to define his creations.


Learn more about Bob Kramer on his website, Kramer Knives.