Department of Materials Science and Engineering

77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge , Massachusetts, 02139
P: 617-253-3300
F: 617-252-1175

DMSE Administration

Prof. Chris Schuh, Department Head 617-452-2659

Prof. Caroline A. Ross, Assoc. Head 617-258-0223

DMSE Headquarters are on the first floor of Building 6 in room 6-113. The office phone number is 617-253-3300 and the fax number is 617-252-1175. 

Headquarters Assistant 617-253-4864

DMSE Student Resources

Prof. Donald Sadoway, Chair of the Graduate Committee 617-253-3487

Prof. Geoffrey Beach, Chair of the Undergraduate Committee 617-258-0804

Ms. Angelita Mireles, Academic Administrator 617-253-3302

Graduate Administrative Assistant 617-253-3855

Ms. Tiffany Luongo, Undergraduate Administrative Assistant 617-258-5816

The DMSE Academic Office is in 6-107.

Graduate Admissions inquiries

Financial and Personnel Administration

Magdalena Rieb, DMSE Administrative Officer

Marwan Cheguenni, DMSE Financial Officer

Teri Quill, DMSE Financial Officer

Jackie Cen, Financial Coordinator

Hugo Sousa, Financial Assistant

Shannon Kelly, HR Assistant