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A. Grimaud, May, K. J., Carlton, C. E., Lee, Y. - L., Risch, M., Hong, W. T., Zhou, J., and Shao-Horn, Y., Double perovskites as a family of highly active catalysts for oxygen evolution in alkaline solution, Nature Communications, vol. 4, 2013.
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A. Grimaud, Carlton, C. E., Risch, M., Hong, W. T., May, K. J., and Shao-Horn, Y., Oxygen Evolution Activity and Stability of Ba6Mn5O16, Sr4Mn2CoO9, and Sr6Co5O15: The Influence of Transition Metal Coordination, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 117, no. 49, pp. 25926 - 25932, 2013.
D. Lee, Grimaud, A., Crumlin, E. J., Mezghani, K., Habib, M. A., Feng, Z., Hong, W. T., Biegalski, M. D., Christen, H. M., and Shao-Horn, Y., Strain Influence on the Oxygen Electrocatalysis of the (100)-Oriented Epitaxial La2NiO4+delta Thin Films at Elevated Temperatures, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 117, no. 37, pp. 18789 - 18795, 2013.
M. Risch, Grimaud, A., May, K. J., Stoerzinger, K. A., Chen, T. J., Mansour, A. N., and Shao-Horn, Y., Structural Changes of Cobalt-Based Perovskites upon Water Oxidation Investigated by EXAFS, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 117, no. 17, pp. 8628 - 8635, 2013.
K. P. C. Yao, Kwabi, D. G., Quinlan, R. A., Mansour, A. N., Grimaud, A., Lee, Y. - L., Lu, Y. - C., and Shao-Horn, Y., Thermal Stability of Li2O2 and Li2O for Li-Air Batteries: In Situ XRD and XPS Studies, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 160, no. 6, pp. A824 - A831, 2013.