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A. M. Agarwal, Foresi, J. S., Giovane, L. M., Liao, L., Michel, J., Wada, K., and Kimerling, L. C., Defect engineering for silicon microphotonics, vol. 99. 1999.
K. Wada, Chen, T., Michel, J., Kimerling, L. C., Aga, H., Mitani, K., Abe, T., and Suezawa, M., Photonic bandgap formation by wafer bonding and delamination, in Iii-V and Iv-Iv Materials and Processing Challenges for Highly Integrated Microelectronics and Optoelectronics, vol. 535, S. A. Ringel, Fitzgerald, E. A., Adesida, I., and Houghton, D. C. 1999, pp. 121 - 126.