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O. Tobail, Kim, J., and Sadana, D., Method to Determine the Collection Length in Field-Driven a-Si1-xGex:H Solar Cells, in European Materials Research Society Conference Symposium: Advanced Inorganic Materials and Concepts for Photovoltaics, vol. 10, G. Conibeer, Li, Y., Poortmans, J., Kondo, M., Slaoui, A., Tao, M., and Topic, M. 2011.
L. R. Zeng, Yi, Y., Hong, C. Y., Duan, X. M., and Kimerling, L. C., New light trapping in thin film solar cells using textured photonic crystals, in Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Silicon Science and Technology-2005, vol. 862, R. W. Collins, Taylor, P. C., Kondo, M., Carius, R., and Biswas, R. 2005, pp. 381 - 386.