Michael Cima

David H. Koch Professor of Engineering
Faculty Director, Lemelson-MIT Program
BS Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley, 1982
PhD Chemical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, 1986
Room 76-653G


(617) 253-6877


(617) 258-6936


  • Ceramics
  • Cancer
  • Implants
  • Nanotechnology


Prof. Cima is author or co-author of over two hundred peer-reviewed scientific publications and forty-five patents, and is a recognized expert in the field of materials processing. Prof. Cima is actively involved in materials and engineered systems aimed at improving human health such as treatments for cancer, metabolic diseases, trauma, and urological disorders. Prof. Cima's research includes advanced forming technologies for complex macro and micro devices, such as colloid science, MEMS and other micro components for medical devices that are used for drug delivery and diagnostics, as well as high-throughput development methods for formulations of materials and pharmaceutical formulations. He is a coinventor of MIT's three-dimensional printing process. His research has led to the development of chemically derived epitaxial oxide films for HTSC coated conductors. He and collaborators are developing implantable MEMS devices for unprecedented control in the delivery of pharmaceuticals and implantable diagnostic systems.

Robert H. Richards, the first department head, appears in The Technologists, a 2012 novel by Matthew Pearl.