Programs and events are held throughout the year for prospective students, and the entire MIT community is welcome to DMSE lectures and seminars.

Students pose for group photograph during FPOP.

Students gather for a group photograph during the 2018 DMSE FPOP

Students pose at an exhibition table

Current students represent DMSE during the 2019 CPW Academic Exposition

Students learning about metal casting

Students in the 2019 DMSE FPOP learn about metal casting with Dr. Shaymus Hudson '12

Prof. Grossman ignites hyrogen gas

Prof. Grossman demonstrates the ignition of hydrogen gas during his 2015 Wulff Lecture

Orientation Programs

DMSE participates in MIT's First Year Pre-Orientation Program (FPOP) and offers the "Discover Materials Science and Engineering" FPOP each August for incoming students. The program introduces students to the ubiquity of materials science, from the smartphone in your pocket to the clothes on your back. Students spend a week with current DMSE students, hear from DMSE alumni and professors who are involved with cutting-edge research, and take tours of local companies to see materials science being applied in the real world.

Open Houses

Admitted students are invited to Campus Preview Weekend (CPW), which is typically held each Spring. Follow the CPW website for more details. Students and their families are invited to Family Weekend (hosted by the MIT Parents Association), which is typically held in each Fall. At both annual events, we host receptions, tours, and opportunities to connect with students and faculty. More recently, we have participated in virtual versions of these events.

First-Year Seminars

The First-Year Advising Seminars (FAS) program, offered by the Office of the First Year, is one advising option available to first-year students. A First-Year Advising Seminar is typically led by a faculty member who also serves as the first-year advisor to the small group of seminar advisees. DMSE frequently offers First-Year Advising Seminars in hands-on topics like blacksmithing, metallurgy, avian engineering, and more.

Academic Discovery and Exploration Subjects

Certain subjects at MIT are designated as "Discovery" or "Exploration" to indicate opportunities for first-year students to gain more exposure and experience in a certain field of student. These subjects may interface with credit limit rules during the first year.

Independent Activities Period (IAP)

January is MIT's Independent Activities Period (IAP). DMSE faculty and staff organize a variety of activities, including "Adventures in Scanning Electron Microscopy" and "Bird Flight and Migration."

Wulff Lecture

Watch for announcements of the Wulff Lecture; world-renowned speakers give an introductory, general audience, entertaining lecture that educates, inspires, and encourages MIT undergrads. Past speakers come from industry or academia, they explain how materials science and engineering is changing the world by addressing challenges of water needs, recycling, energy, manufacturing, and more.