New Fall 2020 Curriculum

In Academic Year 2019-2020, a faculty task force reviewed the entire Materials Science and Engineering undergraduate curriculum and gathered feedback about program experience, structure, pacing, and more. Together, the faculty created a vision of a curriculum taught via cross-cutting themes, integrated with laboratory and computational thinking, and balanced in terms of effort. Now in Fall 2020, we are excited to launch a curriculum that realizes this vision.

As we work to update all of our webpages to reflect the new curriculum, below you will find events, resources, and more to help introduce the new curriculum.

Degree Charts & Roadmaps

For students entering Course 3, Course 3-A, and Course 3-C in Fall 2020, we have modified degree requirements. Please review the specific degree charts below to learn more about degree requirements. We have also compiled a few roadmaps to show possible paths through Course 3, 3-A, and 3-C in different scenarios.

Resources & Links

Talks, Lectures, Videos
"Navigating a Material World", Sam Shames '14, Wulff Lecture Fall 2018
"Funny Microscope Pictures, Transmission Electron Microscopy in Motion", Prof. Frances Ross, Wulff Lecture Spring 2019
"Unlocking Renewables", Prof. Don Sadoway, World Economic Forum
"Breaking Barriers to Solve Climate Change", Hilary Vogelbaum '20, TEDxMIT
"Engineering Better Medicines from our Own Cells", Prof. Krystyn Van Vliet, TEDxMIT
"Why You Shouldn't Upload Your Brain to a Computer", Prof. Polina Anikeeva, TEDxCambridgeSalon