For Prospective Students

Both the field of materials science and engineering and the department at MIT values and promotes collaboration. Members of the DMSE community are comfortable engaging in academic and research endeavors that extend beyond our department to embrace many other areas within MIT’s world-class academic enterprise and abroad. 

DMSE students and faculty members engage with the study, creation, and practical application of materials ranging from near-ubiquitous metals and ceramics to next-generation nano- and biomaterials. Their work draws on diverse academic and scientific disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, and economics; their projects thrive at these points of intersection. This fluid ecosystem benefits our students, who study broadly and gain experience working with other brilliant scientists from varied backgrounds – preparing them to succeed in the diverse work environments they graduate into.

If you're interested in learning more about the major, the field, or the department, stop by 6-107, come to one of our events, or sign up for our pre-majors mailing list.