New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET)

The New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET) program provides interdepartmental courses for students interested in combining disciplines that may not have formalized crossovers available in the curriculum. Through NEET, students choose a sequence of explicitly interdepartmental projects in their sophomore, junior, and senior years while continuing to establish and learn fundamentals in departmentally offered subjects. Students are coached in personal and interpersonal skills and are challenged to develop their ability to learn by themselves. The NEET initiative aims to educate young engineers to build the new machines that will address societal needs, by preparing them to work as entrepreneurs/innovators and discoverers, and by instilling the NEET Ways of Thinking.

The Advanced Materials Machines thread is designed to teach students how to create the materials and manufacturing processes that will shape the products of the future. This thread leads students from prototyping and production to product and process innovation. They will learn about additive manufacturing, powder and casting processes, and advances in soft materials processing, among other practices, and will have the opportunity to be hands-on and engage in project-based classes. Students in this thread pursue majors in Course 3-A Materials Science and Engineering or Course 2-A Mechanical Engineering.

Students interested in pursuing the Climate & Sustainability Systems - Materials Machines track should contact Professor Elsa Olivetti.