Course 3-A: Bachelor of Science in Engineering as Recommended by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Some students may be attracted to the many opportunities available in the materials discipline, but also have special interests that are not satisfied by the conventional Course III program. The 3-A program may be of value in such cases as a more flexible curriculum in which a larger number of elective choices is available. For instance, some students may wish to take more biology and chemistry subjects in preparation for medical school, or more management subjects prior to entering an MBA or Law program.

The curriculum requirements for Course 3-A are similar to, but more flexible than, those for Course 3. Five subjects chosen from the core (3.012; 3.016 or 18.03; 3.022; 3.024; 3.032; 3.034; 3.042; and 3.044) and one laboratory subject (3.014) are required, along with any three additional subjects (36 units) selected from the list of Course 3-A restricted electives. In addition, the student develops a program of six planned elective subjects appropriate to the student's stated goals.

Students considering the 3-A program should contact prepare a complete plan of study (Course 3A Program Proposal Form) which must be approved by the departmental Undergraduate Committee. The form needs to be submitted the departmental Academic Office in 6-107 for review. This approval must be obtained no later than the beginning of the student's junior year. Students are then expected to adhere to this plan unless circumstances require a change, in which case a petition for a modified program must be submitted to the Undergraduate Committee. DMSE does not seek ABET accreditation for the 3A program.