Frequently Asked Questions


Can I receive academic credit for subjects taken outside of MIT?

Credit for subjects taken outside of MIT which correspond to Course 3 subjects is reviewed by the DMSE Undergraduate Committee. To get started, view the departmental transfer credit form. Students taking subjects through a DMSE exchange program go through a different process for transfer credit. For more information, view the departmental exchange programs landing page.

Can I take an advanced standing exam for 3.091?

We do not offer an advanced standing exam for 3.091. The Chemistry Department offers advanced standing exams for 5.111/5.112.

Can I receive Advanced Placement credit in chemistry through DMSE?

You cannot. All Advanced Placement credit is handled through the Office of the First Year.

Can I substitute a different subject besides those listed in the degree chart to fulfill my departmental requirements?

You must petition the DMSE Undergraduate Committee via the departmental undergraduate petition form.

Can I request exceptions for the requirements of an academic milestone, such as the thesis or internship program?

First, discuss your concern directly with the faculty officer in charge of the specific milestone. Afterwards, you may petition the DMSE Undergraduate Committee via the departmental undergraduate petition form.

Can I double major in Course 3/3A/3C and another major?

All double major applications must be reviewed by the DMSE Undergraduate Committee. We only consider applications after the other major department has reviewed and approved the application. 24 units of overlap between the requirements of major programs is allowed. (Note: The DMSE UG committee will review an exception to this 24 unit limit if 18.03 is required of both majors. Be sure to carefully review the registrar’s guidelines on double majors. Please make sure all subjects for the majors are listed in the application. Double major application forms need to be submitted to

In recent years, students have completed a double majored with:

  • Course 3 & 8 (Physics), 5 (Chemistry), 15-1 (Management), 21 (Humanities), 1 Eng (Civil and Environmental Engineering), 24-1 (Philosophy), 
  • Course 3A & 15-1 (Management), 11 (Planning), 21W (Writing), 16 (Aero Astro)

Where can I get an official letter explaining my enrollment at MIT for scholarships, visa travel, or other reasons?

The MIT registrar provides a variety of letters describing your enrollment. If your letter requires specific information about your academics in DMSE, please contact the DMSE Academic Office.


Where can I go for help if I am struggling academically or personally?

A wide variety of resources exist for students looking for help, both within the department and at the institute. For a comprehensive list of institute resources, visit Within DMSE, students are encouraged to contact the appropriate person – their academic advisor, subject instructor, or the DMSE Academic Office depending on the problems the student is experiencing. DMSE faculty and staff work closely to support students within our program, encourage their success, and connect them with campus resources when appropriate.