Requirements (After Fall 2020)

In Fall 2020, changes to the DMSE curriculum were made which affect all students pursuing Courses 3, 3-A, 3-C, the Minor in Materials Science and Engineering, and the Minor in Archaeology and Materials. This page contains information for students who entered their DMSE academic program in Fall 2020 and after. Students who entered the program before Fall 2020 should consult Requirements (Before Fall 2020). For any questions about which requirements apply, please contact

Course 3

Capstone Program

All students in Course 3 are required to complete either the Internship Program (3.930 and 3.931) or the Thesis Program (3.THU). Students should consult with their Course 3 Academic Advisor to choose the best option. When planning the capstone requirement, it is important to note that the Internship Program typically begins in the summer between the sophomore and junior year.

Course 3-A

Program Electives

Course 3-A students are required to complete 66 units of a program of study approved by the department. These subjects:

  • Are typically offered outside of Course 3
  • Contain advanced subject matter
  • Are not an introductory or advising subject (e.g. first-year seminar)
  • Represent a coherent thread of study integrated with Materials Science and Engineering

Students can discuss their plans and choices for Course 3-A Program Electives with their Academic Advisor.

Course 3-A Program Proposal

Before the junior fall semester, Course 3-A students should submit a Course 3-A Program Proposal outlining the path of study towards graduation. The proposal will be reviewed and decided by the DMSE Undergraduate Committee. Students can review more information about Course 3 Forms and Proposals.

Course 3-C

Students in Course 3-C are advised by Prof. Dorothy Hosler, Course 3-C Academic Advisor.