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DMSE logo

The DMSE logo should be placed according to these guidelines in order for it to look its best:

Exclusion zone:

Leave space equal to at least half the height of the icon around the logo.


The DMSE logo should be used at a minimum of 96px wide in digital, or 1 inch in print.

Logo misuse:

Any of the included logos are available to use, but they should not be changed or distorted in any way. They should not be placed over busy images. The DMSE logo works best over white, but can be placed over other colors as long as there is enough contrast to clearly see the logo.


The DMSE identity uses Open Sans, a free font that can be downloaded from Google. Please note, for the full set of diacritical marks, select the font at the top of the page, click customize in the window that is created, then scroll down and check the box for Latin Extended. 


CPS maintains a library of MIT logo resources and guidelines.

The MIT Library has dedicated resources for materials science

Felice Frankel has created an online class that teaches how to create science and engineering images: Making Science and Engineering Pictures.

MIT colors are red and gray. If you would like to match the red, it is Pantone 201, or:

CMYK: 24; 100; 78; 17
RGB: 163; 31; 52
Hex: #A31F34