To reserve this room, please use the online request form. To view availability, please view our calendar

Room Style: Classroom
Seating Capacity: 35 (chairs with hand-desk)

  • Phone
  • Overhead Projector
  • Pull-down Screen
  • TV on mobile cart: 28”
  • VCR
  • Blackboards with chalk and erasers

The room is kept locked when not in use; a keycode will be provided when the room is reserved.  16-602 is available for thesis defenses, seminars, meetings, and classes; it may not be used for events at which food or drink of any kind will be served. If the room is needed for a class, please book it by add date of the previous semester. Reservations for other repeating events will only be taken through the end of the current academic segment (fall semester, IAP, spring semester, summer session). The Department reserves the right to cancel any reservation up until one day prior to the event if a Departmental need arises. It is the responsibility of the group or individual making the reservation to arrange for the drop-off and pick-up of any required AV equipment. Users of this room are reminded to clean up after the event.

Each DMSE grad is presented with a bronze medallion, in the shape of the MIT seal. The medallions are cast by a team of student volunteers who work in the DMSE Foundry.