Metallography facilities are part of the DMSE Laboratory for Physical Metallurgy. A list of equipment and their rates is shown below. Please contact Dr. Shaymus Hudson for training and access.

There is a 50% additional charge for assisted use and for training. An additional 60.5% overhead is charged for personal or non-MIT use. Outside use can be paid via checks payable to MIT, and invoices for outside charges can be issued once a month through the DMSE Finanical Office.

Metallography Lab Equipment

  • Buehler Isomet 4000 Linear Precision Saw: $15/hr
  • Struers Rotopol, Rotopol-with-Pedemat, and Tegrapol: $15/hr
  • Buehler AutoMet 250 Polisher: $15/hr
  • Struers Prontopress-2: $15/hr
  • Buehler Simplimet 4000 Mounting Machine: $15/hr
  • Cold Mounting Station: $15/hr
  • Metallurgical Microscopes: $15/hr
  • Metallographic Etching: $15/hr