One DMSE facility performing research in this area is the NanoMechanical Technology Lab (the NanoLab).


Jeehwan Kim

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Electronic Materials; Manufacturing; Materials Processing; Mechanical Behavior of Materials; Nanotechnology; Nanomechanics; Phase Transformations; Photonic Materials; Semiconductors; Surfaces, Interfaces, and Thin Films; Thermodynamics

Ju Li

Battelle Energy Alliance Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Ceramics; Computational Materials Science; Condensed Matter Physics; Electrochemistry; Electronic Materials; Energy Storage; Environment; Corrosion and Environmental Effects; Manufacturing; Materials Processing; Fracture, Fatigue, and Failure of Materials; Mechanical Behavior of Materials; Metallurgy; Nanotechnology; Nanomechanics; Phase Transformations; Semiconductors; Structural Materials; Composites; Thermodynamics; Transport Phenomena