Use of materials for medical implants, such as knee and hip replacements, dental implants, and bone grafts.


Polina Anikeeva

Matoula S. Salapatas Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Professor in Brain and Cognitive Sciences; McGovern Institute for Brain Research; Associate Director, Research Laboratory of Electronics

Bio; Biomaterials; Biophysics; Biotechnology; Electronic Materials; Magnetic Materials; Materials Chemistry; Implants; Nanotechnology; Photonic Materials

Michael J. Cima

David H. Koch Professor of Engineering; Co-Director of the MIT Innovation Initiative; Faculty Director, Lemelson-MIT Program

Ceramics; Cancer; Implants; Nanotechnology


New Neural Implants developed by Prof. Cima

New technologies such as optogenetics have allowed us to identify similar microstructures in the brain. However, these techniques rely on liquid infusions into the brain, which prepare the regions to be studied to respond to light. These infusions are done with large needles, which do not haveā€¦