Biotechnology utilizes living organisms and bioprocesses, often in manufacturing.


Polina Anikeeva

Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering; Associate Professor in Brain and Cognitive Sciences; McGovern Institute for Brain Research; Associate Director, Research Laboratory of Electronics

Bio; Biomaterials; Biophysics; Biotechnology; Electronic Materials; Magnetic Materials; Materials Chemistry; Implants; Nanotechnology; Photonic Materials

Angela Belcher

Head of the Department of Biological Engineering; James Mason Crafts Professor; Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Professor of Bioengineering

Bio; Biotechnology; Energy Storage; Nanotechnology; Polymers

Linn W. Hobbs

Professor Emeritus of Materials Science; Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering

Biotechnology; Ceramics; Material Culture

Darrell J. Irvine

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering & Biological Engineering; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Bio; Biotechnology; Nanotechnology; Polymers

Christine Ortiz

Morris Cohen Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Bio; Biotechnology; Nanotechnology; Polymers

Michael F. Rubner

TDK Professor Emeritus of Polymer Materials Science and Engineering; Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow

Biotechnology; Nanotechnology; Polymers

Krystyn J. Van Vliet

Michael (1949) and Sonja Koerner Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Associate Vice President for Research; Associate Provost

Bio; Biophysics; Biotechnology; Computational Materials Science; Mechanical Behavior of Materials; Metallurgy; Nanotechnology; Polymers; Structural Materials; Composites; Surfaces, Interfaces, and Thin Films