Sub-Micrometer Surface-Patterned Ribbon Fibers and Textiles

TitleSub-Micrometer Surface-Patterned Ribbon Fibers and Textiles
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsKhudiyev, T, Hou, C, Stolyarov, AM, Fink, Y
JournalAdvanced Materials
Date Published2017/06/13/
ISBN Number0935-9648

The worldwide annual production volume of textiles is nearly one hundred million metric tons. Most of these undergo treatments to achieve specific properties, such as color, hydrophobicity, antimicrobial, or UV protection, using chemicals that lead to collateral environmental consequences. There is great interest in developing alternative and sustainable strategies to achieve textile functionality that do not involve chemical treatment. Here we present a thermal drawing approach to achieve fiber surface gratings on a rectangular cross-section. We demonstrate directional wetting properties as well as structural coloration based on the gratings. Periods down to approximate to 600 nm were established on the surface of a fiber. Fabrics displaying higher-order diffraction peaks in the visible regime were produced from surface-patterned fibers using convetional weaving machinery.

Short TitleAdv. Mater.