Whitney Cornforth

  • Technical Instructor, W. David Kingery Ceramics and Glass Lab
  • SB, Ocean Engineering, MIT, 2001
  • SM, Ocean Engineering, MIT, 2001

Transport Phenomena

Whit Cornforth


Whitney Cornforth attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned a B.S. and M.S. in Na-val Architecture and Marine Engineering. While pursuing these engineering degrees Whitney discovered glass-blowing, and the course of his life was dramatically changed. Upon graduation in 2001, he decided to pursue glassblowing full time. Since then, Whitney has remained involved at the MIT Glass Lab, teaching glass classes at all levels, while also exploring his own designs and ideas. “By far, the best part of the Glass Lab is the community. Students come with such varied interests and glass inspirations,  from all around the world. I get to help them discover how pieces  are made and how to use those techniques in their own work,  continuing my learning process as well as theirs.”