Ronald M. Latanision

  • Shell Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (Emeritus)

Corrosion and Environmental Effects; Materials Processing; Metallurgy

Ronald M. Latanision



T. Takemoto, Latanision, R. M., Eagar, T. W., and Matsunawa, A., “Electrochemical migration tests of solder alloys in pure water”, Corrosion Science, vol. 39. pp. 1415-1430, 1997.


G. Was, Tischner, H., Ballinger, R. G., Hall, E. L., Latanision, R., and Pelloux, R., “Effect of Heat-Treatment on Segregation and Precipitation of Trace-Elements in Inconel 600”, Journal of Metals, vol. 31. pp. F4 - F4, 1979.