Harry L. Tuller

  • R.P. Simmons Professor of Ceramics and Electronic Materials
  • BS Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, 1966
  • MS Columbia University, 1967
  • EngScD Columbia University, 1973


Ceramics; Electrochemistry; Electronic Materials; Environment; Materials Processing; Materials Chemistry; MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems); Nanotechnology; Photonic Materials; Semiconductors; Surfaces, Interfaces, and Thin Films; Thermodynamics; Transport Phenomena

Harry L. Tuller


Dr. Tuller's research focuses on defects, transport and electronic structure of metal oxides and their integration into sensors; fuel cells; solar cells, and MEMS devices.

Recent News

High-temperature devices made from films that bend as they “breathe”

Carrying out maintenance tasks inside a nuclear plant puts severe strains on equipment, due to extreme temperatures that are hard for components to endure without degrading. Now, researchers at MIT and elsewhere have come up with a radically new way to make actuators that could be used in such…