C. Cem Tasan

  • Thomas B. King Associate Professor of Metallurgy
  • BS, MS Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, METU, 2005
  • PhD Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2010

Materials Processing; Mechanical Behavior of Materials; Metallurgy; Structural Materials

C. Cem Tasan


Professor Tasan explores the boundaries of physical metallurgy, solid mechanics, and in-situ microscopy, in order to design new alloys with exceptional damage-resistance. 

He received  his Ph.D. in Mechanics of Materials from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Following postdoctoral work at Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung in Germany, he was appointed as a Group Leader there, leading the Adaptive Structural Materials group until joining MIT in 2016.

His group at MIT mainly focuses on (i) developing new in-situ characterization tools and methods, (ii) improving the physical understanding of transformation, deformation, damage micro-mechanisms in metallic materials; (iii) designing damage-resistant microstructures and alloys.

Recent News

Alloy Design Workshop 2021

5th Alloy Design workshop, Dec. 3rd, 2021, “Exploring design guidelines for superior titanium alloys”  

Alloy Design Workshop

The Alloy Design Workshop is an annual event held on the last day of the fall MRS Meeting, as an opportunity for the MIT community and the materials community as a whole to congregate in an intimate setting to present and discuss new, unpublished research.  

Artificial muscles made from contracting fibers

MIT researchers, including professors Polina Anikeeva, Yoel Fink, and Cem Tasan, have developed a new fiber-based system that could be used as artificial muscles for robots, prosthetic limbs, or other mechanical and biomedical applications.  

Healing Deeper Flaws in Metal

Surface scratches are one thing, but what if materials could heal deeper flaws too? Research into self-healing metals, a completely different material, is also yielding promising results at an early stage. The idea is to create metals that can better cope with the repeated pressures of daily use…  

Cem Tasan Featured on School of Engineering YouTube Channel

Cem Tasan is a modern metallurgist who compares metallurgy to cooking--it requires the creation and discovery of recipes using different metals in order to obtain a final product with desirable properties. One property Prof. Tasan has been particularly fascinated with perfecting in his "cooking…