Precise, Efficient Microparticle and Nanoparticle Fabrication

May 11, 2016

"Researchers at UCF and MIT have created an economical, efficient, scalable fabrication method of microparticles and nanoparticles that utilizes fluid instabilities in multi-material fibers. Through this novel technique, spherical particles can be created in a wide range of sizes, from less than a millimeter to the tens of nanometers, using a variety of materials (e.g., glasses, polymers, liquids, and metals). This process uses a top-down, non-lithographic approach that provides precise control of the spherical particles’ composition and structure. This innovation can be applied in many fields such as chemistry, physics, and biology, e.g., the creation of three-dimensional optical and acoustic meta-materials, the enabling of optical-resonance-based sensitive direction of chemical species and pathogens, and the formation of sophisticated controlled-release drug delivery systems." - UCF

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