Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has been rated first in the nation since U.S. News and World Report began ranking graduate programs. A vibrant culture of research and learning exists in the Department as a result of bringing world-class faculty together with outstanding young scientists and engineers in an environment where they can work together backed by excellent staff and facilities.

Graduate Materials Council (GMC)

The Graduate Materials Council acts as advocates for DMSE graduate students. Members of the GMC serve on the Graduate Student Council, the institute-wide graduate committee and three student representatives serve on the Departmental Committee on Graduate Studies, the group responsible for decisions regarding the curriculum and qualifying procedures. The group also plans many social activities for the students in the department, as well as field teams for intramural sports. They can be contacted at gmc-www[at]mit[dot]edu.

In 1925, Edith Paula Chartkoff Meyer became the first woman to earn the S.B. in metallurgy.