News: Yoel Fink

New Microfluidics Devices

Microfluidics devices are tiny systems with microscopic channels that can be used for chemical or biomedical testing and research. In a potentially game-changing advance, MIT researchers have now incorporated microfluidics systems into individual fibers, making it possible to process much larger…   more

BBC Interviews Yoel Fink

Making clothes that can communicate Is the age of tech fibre really upon us? Professor Yoel Fink from MIT says his team is on the verge of developing true tech clothes that will be able to warn us that a car is approaching. They have been able to weave diodes into fabrics, without losing…   more

Yoel Fink leads the way in fabric materials

Yoel Fink stands under an unassuming LED ceiling lamp wearing what appears to be just an ordinary baseball cap. “Do you hear it?” he asks. Semiconductor technology within the fibers of the hat is converting the audio encoded in light pulses to electrical pulses, he explains, and those pulses are…   more

MIT's 2018 Convocation

Yoel Fink spoke at the 2018 Convocation to welcome incoming first-year students at MIT. When Prof. Fink first arrived as a grad student from Jerusalem, where schools are typically fenced and gated, he was surprised at how open the campus is. He believes the openness is an important part…   more

Soft Hardware Developed by Yoel Fink

The latest development in textiles and fibers is a kind of soft hardware that you can wear: cloth that has electronic devices built right into it. Researchers at MIT have now embedded high speed optoelectronic semiconductor devices, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and diode…   more

AFFOA offers special backpacks to class of 2021

The class of 2021 received a special welcoming gift from MIT this year: specially designed backpacks created by Yoel Fink's Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA). A unique code is woven into the fabric material of the backpack given to each first-year student. Unlike a QR code,…   more

MIT lab shows off smart threads that can send messages, change color

“Fabric is the new software,” said Yoel Fink, an MIT professor of materials science and chief executive of Advanced Functional Fabrics of America. AFFOA is a public-private partnership founded last year, headquartered at MIT, and backed by more than $300 million from universities, corporations,…   more

AFFOA launches state-of-the-art facility for protoyping advanced fabrics

Just over a year after its funding award, a new center for the development and commercialization of advanced fabrics is officially opening its headquarters today in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and will be unveiling the first two advanced fabric products to be commercialized from the center’s work…   more

Stretching the boundaries of neural implants

New flexible fibers developed by Professor Polina Anikeeva and her research team are able to stimulate and monitor neurons in the spine without being invasive.  "Now, researchers have developed a rubber-like fiber that can flex and stretch while simultaneously delivering both optical…   more

Tiny fibers open new windows into the brain

"For the first time ever, a single flexible fiber no bigger than a human hair has successfully delivered a combination of optical, electrical, and chemical signals back and forth into the brain, putting into practice an idea first proposed two years ago. With some tweaking to further improve its…   more

New method snips complex fibers into uniform particles

  "An interdisciplinary team of researchers enabled by the National Science Foundation-funded Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers (MRSEC) program has developed a way to break fibers or sheets of material into many tiny, almost perfectly uniform segments or strips. The…   more

New collaboration to accelerate innovations in fibers and fabrics

An independent nonprofit founded by MIT has been selected to run a new, $317 million public-private partnership announced today by Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. The partnership, named the Advanced Functional Fibers of America (AFFOA) Institute, has won a national competition for…   more

Collier Medal- Yoel Fink, 2016

  The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is thrilled to congratulate Dr. Yoel Fink for earning the Collier Medal! Collier Medal  In honor of Sean Collier's model citizenship that far transcended his work, the Collier Medal will be given to an…   more

MIT student participates in own cancer diagnosis and treatment

Steven Keating, currently a student in Mechanical Engineering and the Media Lab, participated in a 2007 research study that included MRI scans of his brain; a small abnormality was seen, and he was advised to have it evaluated in a few years. When he developed symptoms in 2014, he requested an…   more

New uses for flexible fibers

Professor Yoel Fink and his collaborators recently developed a fiber that contains channels of liquid crystals, transmitting light. These fibers may have varied applications: a 3-D display, woven from fibers, or as part of a medical device to irradiate diseased tissues.…   more

Prof. Fink named RLE Director

Yoel Fink PhD ’00, a professor of materials science and a MacVicar Faculty Fellow, has been named the next director of MIT’s Research Laboratory of Electronics. Learn more from the MIT News Office.   more

Semiconductors built inside optical fibers

Dr. Nick Orf and other members of the Fink group have developed a method to build semiconductor devices inside a fiber. This work continues the intriguing fiber research from the Fink group, such as the smart fibers that sense sound and light, the singing fibers, and the perfect mirror fibers.…   more