New type of e-skin — an adhesive embedded with sensor

Prof. Kim has a paper in Science Advances, on a new type of e-skin, or adhesive embedded with sensors. Current e-skins are designed as smart bandages, to be stuck onto the skin to passively monitor things like temperature and pulse. But existing designs are relatively impermeable, and as a result can build up sweat under the adhesive that can cause skin irritation and damage embedded sensors. Kim’s design is a “perforated” e-skin that is modeled after the sweat pores in human skin. The e-skin is made of a polymer adhesive embedded with temperature, pulse, and UV sensors, and with layers of polymer punctured with holes that are connected in a kirigami pattern to give the e-skin flexibility and breathability. They found the e-skin accurately took measurements over several weeks without causing skin irritation, even during periods of high activity (tests in the gym). The design could lead to safer, longer-lasting smart adhesives. 

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