Welcome Aristide Gumyusenge and Iwnetim Abate to the DMSE faculty!

Please welcome Aristide Gumyusenge and Iwnetim Abate who have accepted offers to join the DMSE faculty.

Aristide GumyusengeDr. Aristide Gumyusenge has accepted an offer to join us as the Merton C. Flemings (1951) Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. Dr. Gumyusenge is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at Stanford University; he received a BS in chemistry from Wofford College in 2015 and a PhD in chemistry from Purdue University in 2019. He is originally from Rwanda where he grew up and attended primary and secondary school. His research background and interests are in semiconducting polymers, their processing and characterization, and their unique role in the future of electronics. Through novel processing strategies, especially large-area manufacturing of electronic devices, he is interested in relating molecular design to device performance, and he is excited to bring those interests to MIT to further develop his ideas.  He plans to complete his postdoc and to move to Cambridge in January 2022.

Iwnetim (Tim) AbateDr. Iwnetim (Tim) Abate has a BS in Physics from Minnesota State University, an MS in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford, and has just completed his PhD at Stanford where he has been working with Prof. William Chueh and Prof. Thomas Devereaux. His thesis research was on improving the energy capacity of batteries using X-ray and electrochemical characterization combined with quantum mechanical simulations to design next generation lithium- and sodium-ion energy storage devices. He is a co-founder and president of a non-profit organization (www.scifro.org) working on empowering the African youth to solve local problems through scientific research and innovation. The organization is generously supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, National Science Foundation, American Physical Society and others. He has been awarded both a Miller and Presidential Fellow at UC Berkeley, where he will spend the next two years prior to joining DMSE in July 2023 as the Toyota Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. 

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